The Trails

Please arrive at the Human Trail for 9.45am. The walking pace is expected to average 15 minutes/km. For the longer trails we recommend that you bring a light lunch for picnicing. The Human and Gazelle Trails join up before the lunch time refreshment stop (20mins). The four-and-a-half mile Bacteria Trail is suitable for wheelchair users. The other main trails are the Amphibian and Plant Trails. The Bird and Fish Trails are minor un-marshaled trails for the more adventurous. Trails in bold letters will be marshalled. Departure times for the main trails are given below and all are planned to meet at Cheshunt YHA at 4.30pm.

Human Trail

19km / 12miles
Chingford Station. Arrive for 09.45 (with two 20 mins food / toilet stops) This is expected to be the most popular trail and it traverses Epping Forest, rolling countryside and finally the River Lee Country Park.

Marshalled Food/toilet stops

Amphibian Trail

14.4km / 9miles
Epping Tube Station. Arrive for 11.30. This trail crosses the rolling Essex countryside and barely goes in to the Forest.

Marshalled Toilet stop

Bacteria Trail

7.2km / 4.5miles
Enfield Lock Station. Arrive for 13.15. The Bacteria Trail is suitable for wheelchairs and follows surfaced paths. It is a riverside path and has the bonus of passing a pub and a café before passing by the Lee Valley White Water Centre. It then winds its way through the beautiful River Lee Country Park.

Marshalled Suitable for wheelchair users

Fish Trail

11km / 7miles
Epping Long Green bus stop. Suggested starting time 13.00. This trail is most suitable for people coming from the Harlow direction and crosses a varied countryside before joining the main body of walkers. There are two pubs near the start of the walk.

This trail is not marshalled for the first part: Trail Directions

Gazelle Trail

18.5km / 11.5miles
Loughton Tube Station. Arrive for 10.05 (with two 20 mins food / toilet stops). This is the second main trail that explores Epping Forest and joins the main body of walkers before they reach the 1st stop at High Beach.

Marshalled Food/toilet stops

Plant Trail

4.8km / 3miles
Waltham Cross Station. Arrive for 14.10. This is the shortest walking trail. It goes up the Greenwich Meridian line. From the station we will take a short bus ride to Waltham Abbey to start the trail.

Plant Trail – Extended
There will be an optional 2 mile marshalled walk leaving Cheshunt YHA at 14.00 to the start of the Plant Trail. Anyone coming by car, may want to consider driving to the Cheshunt, parking at the YHA and joining this trail.

Marshalled Toilet stop at Waltham Abbey

Bird Trail

11.4km / 7miles
Upshire bus stop. Suggested starting time 12.55. This is a longer trail for people wanting to start from Waltham Abbey. It joins the main trail after about a mile.

This trail is not marshalled for the first part: Trail Directions
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