Saturday 29th July 2017 (UK)

Lectures on the following day - Sunday 30th July -at Cheshunt YHA.

The Ancestor's Trail is an annual biological pilgrimage combining walking, evolution and art. Based on Richard Dawkins' book 'The Ancestor's Tale', the Trail guides its walkers along a time line from the present day back billion years to the origins of life.

Although originating in the UK, trail events now also take place in Canada and Russia (see our international page) with another to follow in the USA in 2018. The UK event is made up of several walks of varying lengths located in Epping Forest, London. Each of the main trails are guided and start at a train or tube station. All the trails merge in time and we finish together at Cheshunt YHA. Once there, we celebrate with food and music Saturday night, and then scientific speakers Sunday morning.

Our 2017 charity will once again be One Zoom : what life-form will you be?

Please Sponsor a leaf on the tree of life

We are a non-profit and booking post-trail activities allows us keep the trail free to all. Please consider joining us after the walks.

Come join us on a biological pilgrimage!

A new version of Richard Dawkins' and Dr Yan Wong's book The Ancestor's Tale, is now available. The book,on which our trail is based, takes us on a journey back through time meeting up with our increasingly distant common ancestors.

The One Zoom allows you to explore the tree of life in a completely new way: like a map, everything is on one page, all you have to do is zoom in and out.